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Ok I’m finally getting Pocket People started. First of all I have to tell a story. Don’t worry it’s relevant.

I was on the train with two of my friends Al and Sarah. Sarah was wearing her Harry Potter scarf. (It’s an important detail, remember that.) This child then turn round and went ‘Look she’s got Harry Potter.’ Cue Sarah making a joke about having a pocket Harry Potter.

A joke which I took to extremes.

I was writing letters so said Sarah and another friend Rhi. In these letters Pocket People spread.

Ok not really story more of a ……… well short kind of blahing.

So Pocket People were created. They are little pocket characters or people who are only on average 5 inches. About the size of your hand. Well my hand cause I only have small ones. Good job I’m not a man, ha ha.

So this community is to post stories of what you and your pocket people get up to. Trust me it’s more fun than you think.

Characters from most films are welcome as are ickle famous people. Whoever really, in reason.

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